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The Scandinavian style of two-hand casting was developed in the 1960's. Anglers schooled on the famous salmon and seatrout rivers of Norway and Sweden cast shooting tapers, floating or intermediate shooting heads of 30-45 feet, with mono running line. Instead of holding a fixed length of line as in traditional casting, anglers shoot the entire line in one stroke. This technique uses a much shorter, faster stroke with more emphasis on the lower hand during the cast, sometimes referred to as the "underhand" style. Our Stinger Series was originally designed as 3-piece rods, but this year we redesigned them in 4-piece for improved transportability. We also gave them a new name… STINGER GLX. The rod actions remain fast and powerful to help casters create narrow, aerodynamic loops using this underhand dominated casting stroke. Their fast tapers allow you to make overhead casts as long as there is sufficient room for a back cast like on a gravel bar, generating incredible line speed for unbelievable distance - something you might consider for casting from the beach for saltwater species. Because the physical weight of the line reflects the true rating for each rod, we’ve converted our traditional line-size system to grains and grams for a more universal rating convention. Stinger GLX rods feature Recoil guides, the best species-cork available and our exclusive "yin yang" machined reel seat with ivory-style insert and scrimshaw spey fly graphic. The handle shape has been refined, using a slim diameter, extended full-wells profile with a small composite cork butt-cap, giving it a nice finished look as well as providing durability. Each rod comes with a soft, protective rod sock and travel case.
Item # Model Number Handle Rod Length Pieces Scandi Grams/Grains Skagit Grams/Grains Taper Power
11819-01 FR181-4 Stinger GLX 45g/700gr C 15'1" 4 44 g / 675 gr 45 g / 700 gr Fast Med-Stiff
11816-01 FR150-4 Stinger GLX 28g/450gr A 12'6" 4 28 g / 450 gr 32 g / 500 gr Fast Med-Stiff
11817-01 FR156-4 Stinger GLX 32g/500gr B 13' 4 32 g / 500 gr 36 g / 560 gr Fast Med-Stiff
11818-01 FR162-4 Stinger GLX 36g/550gr C 13'6" 4 36 g / 550 gr 40 g / 600 gr Fast Med-Stiff