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Greased Line GLX two-hand rods are designed to cast long belly floating lines using a long casting stroke. Over a century ago, Jock Scott wrote of Greased Line fishing and angler A.H.E. Wood presenting a fly, broadside to a salmon to entice the salmon to strike. This traditional form of spey casting maintains a relatively fixed line length of 65 to 100 feet, allowing you to cover water without retrieving or lengthening your line on each cast; keeping you less tired and more focused on your prize. These powerful designs use the full bend of the rod, flexing all the way through the mid-section when fully loaded. These two-hand rods offer the ultimate combination of power and grace in a fly rod and provide you with perfect swing speed and fly control. For spey casts 60 to 120 feet, these Greased Line two-hand fly rod series will truly allow you to fish the water "Fine and Far Off!" All seven models are GLX and feature the finest components, including Hopkins & Holloway stripper guides with Recoil snake guides and tip-top. We use the finest cork available and the grips are fitted with special composite cork end-caps, not only enhancing the look of the rod, but increasing the handle's durability. Each aluminum reel seat is machined with our "yin-yang" cutout and has a beautiful ivory-style insert engraved with a classic spey fly graphic.
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Taper Power
11477-01 FR 1688/9-4 RR-Greased Line GLX 14' A 4 8/9 Long Belly Moderate Stiff
11478-01 FR 1809/10-4 RR-Greased Line GLX 15' A 4 9/10 Long Belly Moderate Fast Stiff
11479-01 FR 18010/11-4 RR-Greased Line GLX 15' A 4 10/11 Long Belly Moderate Stiff
11481-01 FR 1807/8-4 RR-Greased Line GLX 15' A 4 7/8 Long Belly Moderate Stiff
11482-01 FR 1808/9-4 RR-Greased Line GLX 15' A 4 8/9 Long Belly Moderate Stiff