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When it takes, on average, 10,000 casts to catch one of these toothy critters, you’d better have your game on and you'd best have the right equipment. Muskie are so elusive that anglers are happy to have a couple of “follows” during a day on the water. The lures are big, the line is heavy and the rods have to be powerful to handle both the baits and the fish. They are explosive, tough fighters and you have to be aggressive, not to mention patient, to succeed. One false move and you go home wondering, “what if”. Giant swimbaits, huge plugs, and oversized bucktail spinners require long, powerful rods. It’s not a game for the faint of heart! We’ve spent a lot of time studying the fish, the lakes, the rivers and the anglers who call the Muskellunge their fish of choice. We’ve created a series of casting rods for all you die-hards. They aren’t your everyday Muskie rod, but then Muskies aren’t your everyday fish. These new rods are long, powerful, high performance fishing instruments designed specifically to fish the new hi-tech baits. You’ll cast farther, find them surprisingly light for all that power and be confident that when the “moment” happens you’ll be in total control. Carpe diem!
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action
11882-01 MUR 964 8' A 1 25 - 50 1 - 4 Heavy Fast
11883-01 MUR 965 8' A 1 30 - 60 2 - 6 Ex-Heavy Fast
11884-01 MUR 966 8' A 1 40 - 60 4 - 10 XX-Heavy Fast
11885-01 MUR 967 8' A 1 40 - 70 8 - 16 Med-Heavy Fast
11886-01 MUR 1026 8' 6" A 1 40 - 60 4 - 10 XX-Heavy Fast